15th AGM, Orlando, Florida, USA

July 27th, 2019

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 Review of Highlights:
Annual General Meeting (AGM) started with participant registration at 8 am.
Extraordinary array of CME program speakers were introduced by secretary.
The Speakers were Drs. Srisala Navaratnam, Palaniandy Kogulan, Subra Anandasivam and Sathya 
Chandrakumar. Around 50 participants participated at the CME activities, which ended around 1 pm.
Kudos to those speakers who worked very hard to share a phenomenal amount of knowledge and experience on their particular topic and presented very well to our enthusiastic audience. Their well- deserved feedback sparkled on the participants’ evaluation forms. The JMFOA project funding and activities flyer was circulated to the alumni after the CME activities to enlighten them regarding the behind-the-scene community projects and joint projects with other chapters. It was well received and appreciated among alumni.

Once the morning session of the day concluded, the US chapter had their committee meeting to discuss their newly elected officers and members for the year 2019-2020 During this 15th AGM, the North American chapter divided into Canadian and US chapters. The Canadian cohort of North American chapter members wanted to form an independent chapter and remain as a sister chapter of the US chapter. The elected president of Canadian chapter was very optimistic about their future. The evening session began with the lighting of traditional oil lamp by the outgoing president of the US chapter and representatives of other chapters. Around 100 people with traditional attire evoked the spirit of JMFOA and golden memories of our faculty life. Masters of ceremonies - Alfret Norman, Shanthakumar Vadivelu. The names of those Alumni who departed from us over the past year were depicted on
the screen with great regret.  They will remain in our hearts forever. The Inspirational Jaffna Medical Faculty Anthem was sung by a gifted musician.
A traditional Bharathanatyam solo was performed by Shobita, who was admired for her graceful body movements and facial Bhavam an array of talent. Dr. Srisala Navaratnam presented an elaboration of the work done at the Northern part of Sri Lanka regarding cancer surveillance and data collection, laying out a strategy to go forward. The Outgoing US chapter president with honorable distinction Malathy Varatharajah gave a departing speech thanking the officers and members for their unwavering- support as well as wishing well the incoming team and setting the bar high for them. Secretary’s report Minutes of the 15th AGM by the secretary of the US chapter: Dr. Manjula Karunananthan. The minutes were accepted by the general body. Outgoing Assistant Treasurer Mylash presented the treasurer’s report. The UK chapter representative presented amazing local chapter activities, coordinating care with Jaffna medical faculty, relevant photos and philanthropies. It was truly one of the most well-attended and well-organized events in local AGM in our history. It was jaw dropping to see the resounding success. It is only possible with the dedicated members working hard to network with people and incentivize to attend the event. Spectators were overwhelmed by the turnout which rekindled our JMFOA spirit. Other Chapters’ (Australia and New Zealand) presidents or representatives were also weighed in to describe the activities in their respective countries.

Canadian chapter president-elect Dr. Mylash, who took full responsibility to function as an independent chapter from North America, envisioned his optimistic views. New committee officers and members of US chapter were introduced to be up on the podium by Masters of ceremonies. President-Elect- Kaveri Sivaruban Secretary-Elect- Manjula Karunananthan.

It was decided that the next International Annual General Meeting (AGM-16) would take place in Australia. A sumptuous dinner was served from Italian cuisine with cash bar available for those in need followed by dance till midnight. The following morning alumni set out on a 6-day cruise to Bahamas, Grand Turk of Caicos Island and the Dominican Republic. Excursion and shore activities took place at
the respective countries.

Loga Anandasivam (Editor)

                            15 th  AGM/CME/Fundraising Dinner

Venue- Clarion Lake Buena Vista, 8442 Palm Pkwy, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836

             Followed by Cruise excursion to Eastern Caribbean.