2nd AGM, Toronto, Canada

July  22nd 2006

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The CME event started at 8am and lasted till 2pm on July 22nd at the venue with continental breakfast. It was sponsored by JMFOA and MECOP (Medical Education Council of Pensacola) with 4 hrs of AMA category I CME for the participants.

The AGM/ Dinner started at Clairport Place Banquet and Convention Center at 5.30pm with reception followed by AGM, Past and Present President Speeches, Secretary presentation and treasurer’s report.

During the AGM the 3rd Executive Committee was elected to carry out the goals set by the JMFOA.

The event concluded with dance, lot of memories and ideas to help our Alma Mater.

                            2nd AGM/ CME/ Fundraising Dinner

    Venue: 65, Claire port Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 6V5