3rd AGM, London, United Kingdom,

July 28, 2007

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The CME event started at 8 am till 2 pm at Holiday Inn, London- Elstre, Borenhamwood, Heartfordsahre with continental breakfast. Please click CME session for details.

AGM started with master of ceremony Dr.Mathiyalagan’s introduction.

President Dr.Nanthakumar addressed the attendees. Milestones of JMFOA and minutes were presented by  secretary Dr.Ravichandran. Minutes of 2006 AGM was approved.

New committee members were elected and introduced. Click the committee for details.

The treasure’s report was presented.

The Chief Guest Prof.Sivasuriya and his wife were honored with garland followed by his elegant speech.

Dinner was served.

Guest of honors were invited to the podium for their speeches. (Dr. and Dr.Mrs.Nageswaran, Dr.and Dr.Mrs.Vetpillai, Dr.Ranjadayalan and Dr.Naveenan)

Dance with live music rocked everyone.

AGM/Dinner/Dance concluded around midnight with exhausted but fulfilled members.

The following day on July 29, 2007 2 coaches left the hotel with around 100 members and their families to Europe Alpine tour which started form London to the places including Paris, France, Lucerne Switzerland, Black Forest Germany, Brussels, Belgium and back to London on August 3rd.


                  3rd AGM/ CME/ Fundraising Dinner/ Tour to Europe

    Venue: Holiday Inn, London- Elstre, Borenhamwood, Heartfordshare, WD65PU